The focus of coaching is on your goals and vision for your life and how to achieve them. Mastery Zone Coaching is based on The Seven Dimensions of Mastery, a model for self development developed by Dr. Bernard Brookes. The Seven Dimensions of Mastery are themes that are helpful in looking at and clarifying your goals and vision, and developing and implementing practices to bring them into reality.

Mastery is based on understanding the true nature of ourselves and everything that is not us, and being guided by a vision rooted in compassion and mutuality rather than domination. We can create a simple yet truthful model for human understanding and development based on Seven Dimensions of Mastery. As an aid to memory and organization, we use each letter of the word mastery to make a word that represents each of these seven core categories that underlie mastery. The Seven Dimensions of Mastery are Meaning, Assurance, Self, Truth, Energy, Resourcefulness, and You.

Mastery is first and foremost self-mastery, understanding our true nature and developing ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically. This is the opposite of domination. Domination of other people and our environment leads to destruction, the wasting away of our energies and resources. Understanding comes from our willingness and ability to grow by seeking truth, which is forever unfolding and never complete. This includes all areas of our interest and concern, including relationships and community, science and technology, art and sports, religion and spirituality etc.

• The first letter in Mastery is M, which stands for Meaning. Meaning in life comes through pursuing purpose based in a vision that has both power and compassion. A vision based on power without compassion and mutuality is destructive. A vision with power and compassion leads to positive growth and development of self and community.

• The A in Mastery stands for Assurance. Assurance is a synonym for faith. We continually seek understanding and knowledge, but these are never complete and therefore we often have to live and take action without them. In our most difficult and desperate circumstances in life such as when facing suffering and death, understanding and knowledge often fail to help us fully grasp and cope with our situation. That’s when we need to call on some source of extraordinary strength and resilience. That is Assurance or faith; however we define it based on our particular culture and personality.

• The S in Mastery is for Self. That includes the totality of what each of us is: mind, emotions, body, spirit and any other pattern or aspect that defines us. The core of Mastery is self-Mastery. Without a coherent sense of identity, self-awareness, and self-discipline, we are unlikely to master anything else.

• The T in Mastery is for truth. Truth seeking is the motivation to know ourselves and the world/universe as they are, not just as seen through the distorted lenses of our own fears, desires and assumptions. If we pursue truth in the knowledge of physical, social, psychological, spiritual or any other aspect of reality, we find that it continually unfolds and expands but is never complete.

• E is for Energy, the source of vitality, health and life itself. We can nurture this energy by listening to and caring for our bodies and the earth with which we are interconnected. Through our bodies we interact in the most intimate way with the physical world; ingesting air, water, plants and animals in order to generate energy that keeps us alive. Since we can’t turn the energy of the sun into food directly, we need plants to do that for us. We are also bound to them in the reciprocal production of oxygen and carbon dioxide. These processes are so commonplace that we tend to overlook this intimacy of the bond that we have with nature.

• The R in Mastery is for Resourcefulness. Creativity is a renewable and seemingly inexhaustible resource. Where do ideas come from? We can nurture creativity and resourcefulness as individuals and as members of organizations and communities. We can’t force creativity, but we can create practices, structures and processes that encourage and support it.

• The Y in Mastery stands for You, the one who is not me but is in relation to me. It’s through relationship with the you’s in each of our lives that we come closer to understanding and experiencing our own humanity. The most important you’s in our lives are the people with whom we interact in the flesh and who also become the ones inside our heads and hearts; who are always with us, affecting our thoughts, feelings and actions. Whether they are parents, siblings, children, friends, mentors, team mates or partners, they become our internal symbols of both the positive and negative in ourselves and in human beings in general. As we come to terms with them, we have the ability to be reconciled with ourselves and with the rest of humanity.